On the smugness of White Supremacy: Pt 1

So here’s a thing that happened and I have some things to say

A familiar scene. Young white men act despicably, showing unfathomable racism, disrespect, perceived supremacy, entitlement, sex-pest tendencies, and all round assholery, and the response is as predictable as the MAGA hats topping their high-and-tight, Hitler youth, rent-a-prick haircuts.  

Of course they’re ‘just kids’ who ‘don’t understand’ and need ‘to learn from their mistakes’. They’re ‘otherwise good kids’ from ‘good homes’ and they have ‘promising careers’ that shouldn’t be ruined by ‘a silly mistake’.

Well here’s my opinion… FUCK. THAT. IN. THE. FACE.

The usual not-so-hot-takes made their appearances – pretty standard stuff and the epitome of privilege being rammed right down to the very back of your throat. Choke on it, motherfucker, gag on that privilege.

How many times? How many times do we have to hear that fucking Habbisen and Chett have racially abused black students on campus, or that Braxxton, Jayyden, Kayyden, and Blent have sexually assaulted a classmate (who “had drunk too much and was wearing a short skirt, so probably deserved it after all”).

How many times do we have to hear that Trayyden, Brayydon, and fucking Cramlington have attended a legit white supremacist rally and beaten the shit out of someone? How many times do we have to hear that shit followed by “these kids” and “whaddya gonna do, eh!?” style shrug of the shoulders and lift of the eyebrow?

In this particular case, a group of students from the private, all-male Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky were attending an anti-abortion rally (do what you want with that sentence), and were filmed mocking and attempting to intimidate Native American activist, Nathan Phillips (and generally just being entitled little pricks).

“Helping to re-build a fence or some shit as part of a Spring Break project on a Native American reservation isn’t going to change years of ingrained, deeply-held, beliefs that you are the master-race.”

Before anyone starts, yes I watched the extended video that shows ‘both sides’ (*sigh, eye roll, glance to camera*) of the argument, and yes, they are being aggressive, entitled, and entirely pathetic little shit bags.

Anyway, as per usual, there were calls to take young Blaiyne, Grinnt, and Riflston on a fucking day trip to learn more about the culture that they’ve spent their whole lives learning to demean and denigrate. But helping to re-build a fence or some shit as part of a Spring Break project on a Native American reservation isn’t going to change years of ingrained, deeply-held, beliefs that you are the master-race. Paradoxically, it can serve to reinforce the MAGAtwats’ beliefs in an “oh look at these poor, brown people, perhaps they are worthy of my masterful consideration after all” sort of way.

Fuck. That. Shit.

This man has racist hair.

It’s not that I’m against restorative justice. Yes absolutely, these prickadocious little twerps should find out more about why their Josef Mengelepinions are fucking trash, and why they should, in a fair and just society, be booted into the goddamned sun. But there are a couple of factors to consider in this “let’s take a look at the quaint brown people” approach to learning why racism sucks ass.

Imagine, just imagine for a second, that the same clamour to rehabilitate poor little Zachron and Trrroyyy was extended to young black men. Imagine it! Can you imagine it? Probably not, because it NEVER FUCKING HAPPENS*

*side note: unless they’re a star athlete, but that’s a whole other equally important, but different thing, which I have actually written about elsewhere.

Anyway, instead, we get the worst possible pictures of them posted all over the internet. We get the story of their distant uncle who was a criminal don’t you know, so it runs in the family, obviously. We get how this is typical of the black community and something needs to be done, and that we need to make an example of them, and blah fucking blah fucking blah blah fuck.

But you just know when its Blaxtter and Flannington, and fucking Cheeseley, that we get the photo of them in a shirt and tie, we get their teachers and parents and neighbours talking about how nice they were when they were kids, and that it’s totally out of character for them. White suspects are often treated better than black victims of crime.

Spot the difference?

In the case of mass shootings and terrorism charges, we get the whole lone wolf/mental illness thing, and the differences in media coverage dedicated to white christian, vs brown muslim terrorists is fucking ridiculous, and it’s honestly exhausting to have to point this out every time.  

The worst thing is that you know this happens. Every. Single. Time. You know it, but you’ll have some sort of excuse or rationalisation for it, you’ll say that people like me who point it out are overreacting, getting defensive, and playing the race card.

I mean… if that’s you, then honestly, I’ve got nothing for you. Go hang out with Piers Morgan and cry over a sausage roll or some pronouns or something. If you can’t look at the evidence in front of your face and see it for yourself, then I can’t persuade you… which actually segues nicely into the second issue really.

Why the fuck is it the job of people of colour (in this particular case, Native Americans) to teach Blattt and Sponsnor, and Chancerylane about their shitty, racist bullshit? Why is it my job to explain to racist little shitheads why they aren’t genetically superior to me because they have less melanin? Why do I have to teach Crinkleton, Juffry, and Chadddling genetics, history, psychology, sociology, anthropology, ethics, seasoning, general life skills, and how to wear a baseball cap? Fuck me, man, do some fucking work yourselves!

This shit is tiring enough as it is.

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