On the smugness of White Supremacy: Pt 2.

I bet you thought I was done.

I’m not.

One of the reasons why I don’t want to be a personal tutor to Dip, Gregggg, and Wexxley over there in the corner, eating his own snot and masturbating on public transport is this:













Despite like a bajillion replies, to her original tweet telling her that, no it is not the responsibility of victims to provide learning opportunities for their abusers, and despite the fact that she just assumed that Brayeon, Klaeay, and Traant would be welcomed by people they have been taught, encouraged, and let’s face it, permitted to hate (like seriously – fuck off, Traant), Karen Tumulty just doubed down on her own condescension.

You still think it’s a good idea? Well whoop-de-fucking-do for you, eh?

The overall response to the whole incident is just another example that illustrates why all of this makes me want to go and lie down in a dark room for several days. How about we stop apologising for Brint and Tedrick?

Like for real, the actual fucking president was apologising for these racist little shitheads, although I’m not even surprised by that. Donald Trump is a fucking a tit.

Just for good measure, here’s the “both sides” trope, making an appearance.

Stop blaming black people for Chensleye’s racism. Seriously, stop it. Just believe the experiences of the marginalised who are fucking telling you what they’re experiencing. You don’t need to wait for fucking Jessinthica to come along and confirm that “yes, as a trustworthy white person, I see this is indeed a case of shitty MAGA bellends here.”

When footage and pictures of Dade and Chrisppin in blackface emerge, don’t try and find every excuse under the sun for them. “It’s a blackout theme! It’s a blackout theme!” Why the white eyes and painted smile then, Churtte? Fuck you!

Why the white eyes and painted smile, Churtte?

As well as being invited to the White Supremacist House (presumably for hamburders and covfefe) the smirking one had his five minutes of fame on the media circuit, which was good really, because we hardly ever get to hear the white guy’s side of the story.

“The 800 year old Native American man was banging his dwum and walking towards me and my 50 or 60 bwaying, scweaming, fwiends. We were only there to tell women what they can and can’t do with their bodies, as is our wight as manly white menfolk.”

Thing is, it’s not Brannt’s smirk that’s the issue. I mean sure a picture paints a thousand words and that stupid fucking smirk represents a hell of a lot, but I feel the focus on it and on this kid in particular was misplaced.

It was the collective efforts of Blainer, Chlode, Wentler, Krondule, Bunce, Kodak, Cif, Twix, Snicker, and fucking Ceefax that was more concerning for me.

So. Much. Smug.

Behaviour legitimised by the orange turd in the white house, and gone entirely unchecked by… well… anyone… ever.

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