Holy shit, Angela! Racism is never far beneath the surface.

I’ve heard a lot worse.

Let’s just preface this post with the fact that I’ve heard a lot worse. But for fucking shit’s sake, Angela, what the fuck?

If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, Angela Smith was one of seven MPs to resign from the Labour Party over Brexit and anti-semitism in February, 2019. The magshitficent seven formed The Independent Group, a new, modern, and definitely not racist party.

To prove that this new, anti-racist party was definitley not racist (and apparently not a new party either), Angela Smith, live on the BBC said, and I honestly can’t type this without laughing… “the recent history of the party I’ve just left suggests that it’s not just about being black or a … funny… tinge… you know… different… BME, from the BME community…”

Now don’t get me wrong, in a week where bespectacled lampost, Jacob Rees-Mogg legit justified the use of Concentration Camps that killed over 27,000 people in the Boer War, Smith’s “funny tinge” comment needs some perspective.

My perspective is that it was racist.

Five hours. That’s all it took. Five hours for a member of the new definitely not racist party to say something objectively racist, live on television. Of course, she later claimed that she misspoke. In all fairness, she was flustered, it was live, so it’s quite understandable that one might lapse into casual racism under such circumstances.

‘How big a problem is racism in this studio?’ might have been a more appropriate question.

Do I think Angela Smith is racist? Probably not. Who cares? Do I think what she said is racist? Well I think it reveals a level of racial discrimination that underpins her thinking, whether conscious or not. Lurking, quietly, not far beneath the surface was the ‘otherness’ of people of colour.

It’s the notion of white privilige as the power of normality, and it just seeps out in the tiniest of ways sometimes. Blink and you’ll miss it completely, or you might think nothing of it, but Smith’s comment was just a tiny little reinforcement of the idea that, in her mind, somewhere, maybe deep down in her subconsious, white skin is normal and brown skin is, well… a “funny tinge.”

But, you know, let’s not forget that hairless wookie with a top-hat, Jacob Rees-Mogg legitimately defended actual Concentration Camps.


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