Meghan Markle and the Shitted Pants of White Supremacy

Jesus (and I mean Juheeesus!) Shitting Christ.

The UK is 100% racist. Stormzy was 100% right. Even though that’s not actually what he said, he was still 100% right.

And nobody is talking about it! Apart from to categorically deny it at the same time as telling black people who are talking about racism to shut the fuck up and be grateful for what they have… which is hella racist.

Just over a week into 2020 and the nation couldn’t help but ejaculate a month’s worth of pent up prejujizz all over itself.

Meghan Markle and her husband announced that they were stepping back as senior members of the royal family. And that was enough. That was enough to see the UK’s collective pants well and truly shat in a racially intolerant tantrum.

Before I properly get into this, I feel like a little context is required, so please, if you will…

At the age of 12, Meghan Markle’s husband, Prince Harry, had to walk through the streets of London behind a hearse carrying his mother’s dead body, while the entire world watched him do so on TV. At the age of 12.

Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, had been killed in a crash as she was chased through a tunnel in Paris by paparazzi. These photographers then took pictures of her while she was dying in the back seat.

In a BBC documentary, Harry’s brother William remembered that in the years before Diana’s death, photographers would wait in packs every time she went out.

“And I mean a pack, like a pack of dogs, followed her, chased her, harassed her, called her names, spat at her, tried to get a reaction to get that photograph of her lashing out, get her upset.”

I have no particular love for the royal family. I understand that the very nature of their lives means that they have to be lived in full view of the public. I also appreciate that they are more than handsomely compensated for that with nice new curtains, a never ending supply of free money, and not having to ever worry about going to jail for, you know, crimes.

This is far from a piece about feeling sorry for Harry and Meghan, but let’s understand why he, in particular, might have an issue with press intrusion.

On to Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle’s problem is that she’s brown.

Now I imagine you’re already rolling your eyes and muttering something  about the race card – a bit like Lord Gammon himself, Piers Morgan, who wrote on twitter:

“This ‘it’s all racism’ defence of Meghan is so wrong & such a disgraceful smear on the British people who welcomed our first mixed-race royal with huge enthusiasm. Her racial background is not why she’s been criticised.”

And if you can’t bring yourself to agree with Piers, don’t worry, The Sun has got you covered:

“We are sick, though, of woke morons crying racism over press criticism of Meghan and Harry. It is ludicrous to conflate racist abuse on social media with legitimate newspaper scrutiny. The Sun always liked Harry, despite our ups and downs. We could not have been keener on Meghan or happier for them…”

Indeed, some of their best headlines are black.

Like come on though, for real? Let’s take a nostalgic look back at some of our favourite bits of ‘legitimate newspaper scrutiny’.

Like the time Megahn Markle touched her baby bump while pregnant.

Or the time Meghan Markle wore make up wrong.

Or the time Meghan Markle wore a dress wrong.

Or that other time Meghan Markle wore a dress wrong.

Or that time when Meghan Markle’s Avocado habit fuelled terrorism.

So if we’re honest about it, the pair’s decision to protect themselves and their family from an intrusive, hostile, racist press, hell bent on tearing them – and by them, I mean Markle in particular – down, is pretty goddammed reasonable really.

The response from the intrusive, hostile, racist press, hell bent on tearing them – and by them, I mean Markle in particular – down was as predictable as it was obvious as it was inherently racist. And it proved Meghan and Harry’s exact fucking point with the clarity of a Masterchef The Professionals consommé

“I’ve never met Meghan but I look at her and think ‘I don’t think I’d like you in real life.'” offered former voice of Biggleton, Eamonn Holmes, later describing her as “uppity”.

Meghan’s Grandmother-In-Law “had to suffer the repulsively rude indignity of being treated like a piece of insignificant dirt by her own spoiled brat grandson and his scheming, selfish D-list actress wife,” wrote Piers Morgan, a man who with unswerving regularity likes to soil himself for attention.

There’s loads more and I can’t be bothered to write them out here. Just fucking google it, yeah?

Where’s the racism though?

“But you’re still not explaining why any of this is racist!” I hear you weep with a slightly muffled voice as you rock back and forth, cradling your golliwog.

Look, you can point to all of these sorts of comments and say, “well, yeah, Shit-pants Morgan is right, where’s the racism?” And then when someone comes along and points out that the sustained, disproportionate, and downright unnecessary attacks aimed at this woman of colour might be indicative of an underlying culture of structural, systemic racism, you think “fuck’s sake, not this again, why do you always have to play the race card?”

Yes, why, why, why do you always have to play the race card? Why, though? Why?

First of all, you’re misunderstanding what racism actually is. When someone accuses people of racism for having a go at Meghan Markle, they’re not necessarily talking about calling her racist names. That would be obviously racist and no discussion would be needed (you’d think).

We need to explore the differences between prejudice, racism, and discrimination, which I can’t remember if I’ve written about in other posts, but will do so properly at some point.

“Racism isn’t about individual actions, although individual actions can be racist. Racism is a system.”

In short though, prejudice is the way we pre judge (duh!) people based on the social groups they belong to. We ALL do this ALL the time.

Discrimination is action based on this prejudice. So either overt (like violence) or more subtle (crossing the street to avoid someone you don’t like the look of which actually now that I think about it isn’t that subtle at all) actions.

Racism, however, is prejudice and discrimination PLUS the institutional power to maintain those forms of discrimination in more structural forms. Racism isn’t about individual actions, although individual actions can be racist. Racism is a system.

So what we’re seeing with Meghan Markle (and Dianne Abbot, as another example) is both the result of a system that allows the maintenance and reinforcement of racial prejudices and discrimination, and the fuel that keeps that shit going.

Perhaps some further explanation needed here. Race is constructed. It was invented to justify intolerable cruelty, and ideas about race have stuck. Notions of White Supremacy have persisted down through history to the point where they have become largely internalised and often unconscious.

“People of colour being elevated, or worse elevating themselves to positions of importance, challenge the ideology of White Supremacy that we’ve internalised.”

Look at all of popular culture – film, television, books, advertising, music, news – and notice the messages that continually shape our ideas about how we (all of us) see ourselves and other people. Those messages are ones that continually reinforce the superiority of whiteness.

  • White people are Hannibal and Face; Black people are BA Baracas
  • White people are Kelly Kapowski; Black people are Lisa Turtle.
  • White people are Ray, Egon, and Peter; Black people are Winston friggin’ Zedmore.

While White Supremacy might conjure up images of the KKK or those involuntarily celibate ass-hats in Charlottesville, it’s actually just an ideology that we have ALL been conditioned to accept and operate within on some level.

What the fuck has any of this got to do with Meghan Markle? Well just look at the level of vitriolic abuse that she, as a woman of colour in a position of privilege, has received from our press.

And that’s the kicker. It’s not necessarily about her being brown. It’s about that dangerous combination of being brown and successful. People of colour being elevated, or worse elevating themselves to positions of importance, challenge the ideology of White Supremacy that we’ve internalised.

It’s why white people so often bristle at the idea of Black History Month, the #BlackLivesMatter movement, the success of Black Panther, and black athletes like Colin Kaepernick, or Serena, or Lebron having political opinions.

It’s why people like Stormzy, Lewis Hamilton, and Raheem Sterling are constantly vilified for doing entirely mundane things or for daring to have opinions.

This is just weird.

Black advancement is a threat because it disrupts internalised notions of either conscious (if you’re racist) or unconscious (if you’re not) white superiority.

The very idea of a mixed-race woman being allowed to become part of the royal family is the ultimate kick in the penis for ideas about white superiority. I won’t go into colourism or misogynoir in this post but if she’d been a few shades darker, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. There’s not a chance.

The Race Card

Accusing someone of ‘playing the race card’ is another form of either knowingly or unknowingly propping up racism. You’re basically saying to anyone mentioning racism, “I’m not interested in hearing what you have to say because I know all I need to know about racism. And more than that, my opinion as a white person (because it’s always white people) is more important than anything you have to say. There’s nothing to discuss here.”

And with that, you’re effectively preserving and perpetuating a racist system by shutting down voices who are attempting to highlight racial injustice. Characterising them as whiny, ungrateful… fuck it, like Eamonn said, “uppity”, is essentially rendering their voices unimportant.

You, as the white person, are declaring that you are determining the terms and conditions under which racism can be discussed, thus ensuring the continuation of your position of privilege and power within a racist system.

It’s “unfair” and “disgraceful” that white people should be attacked in such a way that they’re accused of racism, right? You won’t stand for it. If anything, you’re the victim for being accused of racism!

Robin Diangelo talks about the notion of White Fragility as a form of bullying and racial control – a way of maintaining ideas about White Supremacy. And that’s exactly what’s happening here.

Basically having massive fucking fit of the vapours when any talk of racism is mentioned is a way of saying backdafuckup and get back in your place.

Now. If you genuinely see yourself as someone who isn’t racist, ask yourself why it might be that you’re so unwilling to entertain discussions about racism? Why are you sick of them, or bored of them, or don’t want to hear them? What is it that you don’t want to hear? If you genuinely think of yourself as not racist, what are you afraid of?

Because if it’s that you might find out something about yourself or your thoughts or behaviours that you don’t like, or if you’re fearful that the way you see and experience the world isn’t actually how the world works for everyone, then you should know that being open to discovering that is a really wonderful thing.

It’s a starting point for being better and making the world a better place. There’s nothing to fear.

But only if, as you so fiercely claim, you’re not racist.


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49 thoughts on “Meghan Markle and the Shitted Pants of White Supremacy

  1. Telling a duchess to act like a duchess isn’t racism, it’s upholding a standard. This situation has nothing to do with race and no amount of screaming by the social media’s army of flying monkeys will change that. They need to dump the Obama/Oprah PR team, who specialize in race-baiting despite being examples of successful brown people, because contrary to what the media tries to portray, neither the Obamas or Oprah have much goodwill in the US. They also have a very tired playbook and I will offer a few examples of their most recent PR failures: Meghan is not Diana, telling Meghan to act according to her title is not racist, the Iraqi Embassy Bombing in Dec 2019 is not Benghazi, and US President Trump is not Richard Nixon. Screaming “white supremacy” isn’t making anyone feel guilty anymore, it opens our eyes so that we see the person screaming for the racist that they are. Now take your race baiting and crawl back to the Oprah / Obama delusional zone at CNN. The rest of us are fighting off hatchet attacks from the refugees we welcomed to our country, while paying for Me-Gain’s wokeness. That title isn’t hers to market. The Queen should take it back!


    1. Well done on basically proving pretty much every point the author of the article made… And maybe you and the media should be a bit fucking less concerned about telling Meghan Markle “how to be a duchess” and a bit more concerned about telling Prince fucking Andrew not to hang around with nonces and invite them on jollies on private jets at the taxpayer expense.. You know, since we’re talking about “having standards here”. You utter melt..

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    2. And, in spite of the fact that no one asked, here are the “shitted-pants”, in full flow!

      It’s great to see that you have such a clear idea of the expected conduct of a Duchess – I frankly have no clue what that might be (or tbh give a shit!)

      The spectacularly missed point is the differentials in treatment – one Duchess (the popular white one) touches her baby bump. What a touching moment!

      Another (the uppity black woman) does it – fucking leave it alone! You virtue-signalling grandstander!! Some of my best friends are babies – I don’t go around constantly touching them!!

      Take yourself off for a lie down sweetheart! It sounds like you’ve got yourself all worked up! 🤣

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    3. Oh Richard. Did you not see the side by side tabloid headlines in the article showing Kate & Meghan doing or wearing similar things but being treated very differently?

      Also, did you miss the bit where Harry and Meghan have said ‘Thanks but no thanks, we’d rather step back as senior royals’? Queen doesn’t need to take away their pocket money. They’re off, and they’ve told the public they don’t need their purse!

      You’re kind of basically doing exactly what the authors taken so much time and effort to explain in the blog… it’s almost funny except that it’s this sort of ignorance that fuelled the situation in the first place. 🤦🏽‍♀️

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    4. Richard – The right-wing, fascist Daily Express praising Kate Middleton and criticising Meghan Markle for wearing EXACTLY the same dress IS racially based. I don’t know what colour you are, but if you are white, then it is pretty arrogant of you to try and make out that racism doesn’t exist when you will never have experienced it – that’s the EXACT point the writer is trying to make. As a man, it would be pretty arrogant of me to tell a woman that rape and sexual assault don’t exist just because I haven’t experienced them. It is also a prime example of playing the victim by stating that anyone who calls out racist attitudes is themselves a racist. And what refugees have carried out hatchet attacks? Most terrorist attacks have been carried out by British born people, the fact that you automatically class them as refugees clearly shows you to have the exact racist attitudes you are claiming don’t exist.


      1. David are you assuming that just because a person has white skin that they can not experience racism? Tell that to the white girls in Rotherham etc.
        Are you assuming that a man can not experience rape just because he is a man? Think that got blown apart in the trial of Britains worst rapist, who by the way is an immigrant.
        You ask which refugees have done a hatchet job on Britain, admittedly not a hatchet but Lee Rigby’s murders used machetes and almost every week we hear of another machete attack.
        Look outside your little bubble these things are happening and your continual denial does nothing to help your cause.


      2. Firstly let me apologise, I had thought Lee Rigby’s killers were Nigerian, they aren’t they are British just seriously mental.
        You say my use of black, brown, coloured is racist. So is your use of the word white to describe my skin, the technical term is caucasian but if you want to try pale pinkish today and tomorrow we’ll change it to creamy and the day after to something else. Not really I’m not so insecure as to worry what shade you call me (I know you’ll see that as a white privilege). The fact is people of varying colours have changed how they wish to be described more than once and to be honest most people are fed up of trying to keep up with what to say and as people of colour come in a million hues and each can be described differently so where do you stop.
        As for the rest of what you wrote although I read most of it I’ve forgotten what you said and so will leave it there with 1 caveat.
        I have nor would I ever discriminate against a person of a different colour, nor would I use a term to deliberately offend that person or in any way wish to cause offence. I do not except that I benefit from white privilege or Male dominance because I have never seen anything that can be described as preferential treatment, far from it. I treat people as i think they deserve to be treated, for good or bad. If a person comes at me with an attitude that i am not responsible for will get you no where. If you say hello and are polite I will treat you the same, respect for respect. In my experience the vast majority of Brits are and are happy to be skin colour blind but not attitude blind.


  2. I don’t really get the faux surprise of your opening lines. I mean, come on, this is the country that decided to trash its own economic future, its citizens’ rights and its youth because of its inherent racism.

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  3. Thank you for this piece. Can you help me understand his better?

    The media’s appalling treatment of Meghan Marle is clear, even though I don’t read tabloids and am not especially interested in the royal family. The race connection is not obvious to me though. What I mean is: if Harry had married a white woman, who was an American actress, divorced, with an estranged father, would the British press treat her better? If he had married a black or mixed race British woman, from a more “wholesome” family (as the press see it), would they treat her better? So what I’m asking is, do you think this is just about race, or is race just one factor?

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    1. My thoughts too. I’m not saying it isn’t racism, but I still think the prejudice would come through if she were white. It’s the whole ‘you’re not what we were expecting; you’re different from us, so we don’t like you’. When will people learn to appreciate the diverse nature of the human race?

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  4. I would just like to say that there are some of us – far fewer than I would like – who didn’t vote to leave the EU, who like, or have no objection to, Meghan Markle and have no feelings at all about her and Harry leaving the senior royal life, who do think she’s been treated appallingly by the British tabloids (total double standard between her and Kate). I’d be very happy to have a discussion about racism. I’m white so I can’t promise to be an expert but I’m horrified at the way this country seems to be devolving back to its racist past. I would love to have the British press subject to some tighter laws regarding their behaviour – although sadly the free speech argument is also powerful. I know it won’t make you feel any better but there are white people in this country who would like to see the back of systemic as well as overt racism. Anyway, this whole thing makes me sad and angry. And people like Piers Morgan and Richard above don’t speak for me – at all.

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  6. interesting article! I would liked you to have backed up your opinion with a broader range of newspapers other than the two most bigotted examples. Britain is indeed very racist, I feel this more so after the election results but it comes from everywhere. I saw a North African man calling a man a Bangladeshi f**** the other day. You would hope that immigrants would at least have a collective understanding of being othered..
    Sad times..


      1. I think what Claire is highlighting is the fact that not only do you not need to be white to be a racist but also that just because you aren’t white doesn’t mean that what you say isn’t racist. This entire thread highlights those facts.


  7. Being ex-military, brexiter white person you would probably hang me on the spot. But this is because of your prejudice not mine. I’m on a few ex-military sites and the very vast majority of vets support both Harry and Meghan and sympathise with both of them. These same people would still (even though no longer serving) lay down their lives if necessary to protect them, yet these are people you call racist. Almost none of us come from a privileged background and some are coloured (various) and yet we would stand side by side with those of us we call brother and sister. Yet these are the people you say are white supremacists and have white privilege. Please start to understand that when you say 100% of people in this country are racist this isn’t a reflection of them but of your prejudice. Very few people have a problem with Meghan and Harry wanting to step back or do they agree with the way the UK press treat people especially considering what happened to Princess Diana. The only negatives people have a problem with is the Hypocrisy they showed. The British public can not be told to staycation by someone who flies cars half way across the world for a tour or be told they want less press intrusion but then court press attention into their private lives. This has very little to do with race and everything to do with hypocrisy.

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    1. First of all, I would never agree that all white people are racist, of course they’re not. There are many white people who have black/Asian friends and relatives, or who have campaigned and demonstrated against racism and fascism. There is undoubtedly though, a lot of racism still in the cultural makeup of the U.K. I’ve worked in the construction industry since 2013, where the vast majority of workers are white British, and on numerous occasions I’ve heard derogatory comments about people of other nationalities and ethnicities; I overheard a worker talking about the need for ethnic cleansing, and I have had to complain to managers about some comments I’ve heard and about vile racist graffiti that I’ve seen on the walls of toilet cubicles. The Brexit vote was mainly driven by anti-immigrant feeling, nothing else. Most of the people who voted for it didn’t have a clue about what the E.U. actually was or how it worked, a prime example being: “We are ruled by Brussels bureaucrats”. No, we never were, most British Law is made in the U.K. Parliament by elected British MPs, and whatever rules come from Europe are ones that elected British Euro MPs voted for in the E.U. Parliament.

      Second, many white people who get angered by the phrase “white privilege” simply don’t understand what it means; of course many white people suffer unemployment and personal hardship, but white privilege isn’t about that – it is about the inherent advantages that a white controlled and dominated society bestows upon people simply because they are the same colour as the dominant group. A prime example in the U.K. – racist abuse at football matches, which was horrendous in the 1970’s and ’80’s, is now resurgent – if I were a young professional footballer, I would have to worry about that, whereas a young white footballer wouldn’t. White privilege is about me being more likely to get stopped and searched by the Police because of my colour, whereas a white man of the same age would not suffer that. In the U.S, where the term was first used, it is about things like black people being more likely to get arrested or get longer sentences for the same crime that a white person might commit, being more likely to be under suspicion of being a criminal (A young black American man who went to bank a large cheque that he had been paid, ironically, after he won a race discrimination case, was arrested because the bank the bank called the police!) or about the fact that many urban black Americans are still today living in inner city ghettoes because of past injustices imposed upon them by white Americans, such as REDLINING, look that up to see what it means.

      And lastly, no, I wouldn’t want to ‘hang’ all Brexiters, even though I disagree with their choice. I voted remain because I’m an internationalist, I believe in countries uniting and working together to solve problems, but now that Brexit is going to happen, let’s see how the country gets on outside of the E.U.


      1. I’m glad you’re an internationalist because after Brexit we intend to do more business with the rest of the world, which strangely includes many countries that are predominantly coloured, this may of course have a detrimental effect on the amount of trade we do with the all white privileged protectionist club known as the EU.
        You say that most people who voted to leave didn’t know who or what the EU is, I would like to point out that those people were predominantly older and have therefore seen and experienced the rise of the EU from a simple coal trading group, to the common market and EEC and finally the EU. I think having that experience gives them a unique insight into what the EU is and what it intends unlike the younger generation who seem to be overly worried about not being able to go to Ibiza for their holidays.
        You claim that as a person of colour you are disproportionately likely to be stop and searched, have you ever thought why that is. Who are most likely to be carrying weapons? young coloured males. Who are most likely to be injured by weapons? Young coloured males. So who do you think should be most likely to be S&S? Little old Jewish lady? Or perhaps the young white girl and her elderly Asian dad she’s walking with?


      2. Tim, you are a total racist idiot who uses outdated language and sets your replies so that no one can reply to challenge you, so I’ve had to do this as a reply to myself. Go and do one.


      3. David congratulations you managed to confirm everything that others have said about people of your particular political persuasion. Well done you have signalled your virtue and advertised your right mindedness and contemporary use of language and debate, you’ve put it all together perfectly and all you’ve come up with is racist, the most over used attempted insult in the last 40 years.


      4. Tim – I’m not going to carry this on forever, but I have to reply to your latest comment, because you seem to verify the very points that the writer of this blog is trying to make. I apologise for telling you to do one, that was out of order, but I called you out as racist because some of the things you’ve written do have racist overtones.

        First of all, Lee Rigby’s killers, they are horrible people, but they are NOT refugees, they were British born, they are British citizens. You were either ignorant of that fact, or deep down you can never really regard anyone like me, who is not white, as being British; I don’t have that problem with white people born and brought up in African or Asian countries. A white person born in Zimbabwe or South Africa is Zimbabwean or South African and has every right to self-identify as such, as far as I am concerned.

        Second, outdated language and terminology: “…coloured countries” …? “…coloured youths” … ? We are in the 21st century, it’s African, West Indian and Asian countries, or, former Commonwealth countries, and it’s black, brown or minority ethnic youths. You sound like a 1950’s colonial British civil servant in the final days of the Empire. Again, I don’t know if that was just ignorant or an attempt to be deliberately provocative. By the way, has it occurred to you that those countries may say to the British Government: “OK, you want lucrative trade deals, then more of our people must get visas to live and work in the UK”. I don’t think most of the people who voted for Brexit will be happy about that.

        Third, Britain’s worst rapist: “… was an immigrant”. Why mention that? So what? Where he came from is totally irrelevant, he was a horrible nasty person.

        **Jimmy Saville, the worst serial sexual abuser in British history, was not an immigrant.

        **Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, who abused and murdered a number of children and buried them on the Yorkshire Moors, were not immigrants.

        **Richard Huckle, who abused 200 Malaysian children, was not an immigrant.

        **Ian Huntley, who sexually abused and murdered the two Soham schoolgirls, was not an immigrant.

        **Ian Brady and Myra Hindley who abused and murdered a number of children and buried them on the Yorkshire Moors, were not immigrants.

        **Ian Watkins, the former Lost Prophets singer who got 30 years for sexually abusing young girls and even planning to sexually abuse a baby, was not an immigrant.

        And if you see an Asian man walking along with a young white girl, are you going to assume that he is an abuser? Again, that just demonstrates how potentially ignorant and racist you are capable of being – there are many black/white, Asian/white mixed marriages or relationships, an older Asian man walking along with a young white girl could be her stepfather, for goodness’ sake!

        Regarding the young white girls who were abused by grooming gangs of British born men mostly of Pakistani descent, those cases were appalling, and the men involved thoroughly deserved conviction and stiff prison sentences, but the publicity over these cases was due to the fact that they were carried out by organised gangs – it is a STATISTICAL FACT that the vast majority of child abusers are white British men, mostly operating as individuals, look up the U.K. conviction rates for child sexual abuse.

        Just two other points, I know black/brown or minority ethnic people can be racist in their language and attitudes, but in majority white countries, minority ethnic people do not hold a great deal of political and economic power, and can always therefore be more vulnerable than the majority white populations. Regarding whether the actions of the British Pakistani Grooming gangs were actually racist, that is a matter of contention:

        “The Attorney General is to review the jail sentences of an Asian grooming gang after a judge ruled the exploitation of white girls was not racially motivated.

        The judge’s decision meant stiffer penalties for racially aggravated crimes could not be applied in the case of the Newcastle-based sex ring.

        Judge Penny Moreland said the gang picked out their victims “not because of their race, but because they were young, impressionable, naive and vulnerable”.

        Prosecutor John Elvidge told Newcastle Crown Court the victims were “white, British and female” and the defendants were “of Asian extraction” but insisted there was no direct evidence race had played a part in the gang’s process for selecting the girls.

        As reported in The Telegraph, September 5th, 2017.

        At least one of this particular gang’s victims was black, and one was herself Asian.

        And of course I know men can be raped, that happens all the time in prisons around the world, but it seems to have gone over your head that I PERSONALISED that part of my original comment, I wrote that it would be arrogant of ME to tell a woman that there was no such thing as rape when I had never suffered it.


  8. Oh, thank you.
    You wrote down some of your ideas.
    For me.

    The big 3…Imperialism, appropriation, racism.
    Brown people developed, wait, invented my wheel the uppity bastards.
    Right then, the WHEEL. I shall take credit for discovering that most important discovery whilst on my recent foray from my fetid shores.


  9. I havent read this piece but know the topic. This word , race, is that, if you use words in the negative you only inspire those that you’re protesting or commenting on.
    Why can you not get a webpage up for Afro-Carribbeans. Because we’re being pronouced as ‘That Colour’. Impositive.
    Always keep your identity by knowing it’s not BLACK to others who use it, it’s NOT WHITE. So don’t use that colour to pronounce us. Say you’re Afro-Carribean or African-American. Was Martin Luther King African American? Yes, but was that term announced in his day? No, so progress should us to pronounce ourselves as we see fit. Otherwise you start saying things like White People, Black People, Chinese People, etc in a sentence which just generalised people groups, injects tension in that you are making a racially motivated statement and basically show that you have’nt caught up with societal diversities, which include such a compendium of denominations that it’s really impostive to make reference to race anyway. There is no BLACK race. There is no WHITE race. There’s a Turkish race, A French race, A Bolivian race, A Somali race, Nigerian, Japanese and so on. Why? because in the modern each country represents a race or people. In fact, better to endorse the word PEOPLE than the word race. As soon as you endorse the word race you start talking in race terms, and before you know it you’re thinking racist thoughts; you may make a racist comment or even worse do something in a racist frame of mind – no matter your biological make-up.


  10. Well written.
    I’m sorry for all the asshats who are telling you that you are wrong.
    Also wanted to say that “uppity” has long been a word white ppl have called black & brown ppl who have “gone above their station.” It alone is a hella racist word.

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  11. David congratulations you managed to confirm everything that others have said about people of your particular political persuasion. Well done you have signalled your virtue and advertised your right mindedness and contemporary use of language and debate, you’ve put it all together perfectly and all you’ve come up with is racist, the most over used attempted insult in the last 40 years.


  12. Tim – so you’re too lazy to make the simple mental effort to try and find out how people wish to describe themselves? Are you too mentally lazy to make the effort to call an individual by her or his correct name?

    And no, I challenge you, it is not racist to describe white people as white IF THAT’S HOW THE MAJORITY of fair-skinned people in Western Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc, prefer to self describe – if there is a cultural change and many of these people decide to self describe in a different way, then when I need to refer to colour, I will respectfully use their chosen term without ranting on about “political correctness” or being tired of ‘keeping up’.

    And you’ve conveniently ‘forgotten’ how I firmly pointed out that IT WAS racist of you to focus on an immigrant being a rapist when there have also been numerous white British people who were appalling rapists and sexual abusers. I have noticed in your previous replies that you run away from dealing with points that successfully challenge your prejudices.


    1. I tend to call people of colour coloured unless I know them, the simple reason is that if everyone can self define what to call them even if I guess the chances are I will be wrong so by using a catch all it is not lazy, it is at least an attempt to be respectful. I suggest you stop looking to spot if I’m wrong and more at the fact im trying. Out of 100 people could you correctly identify what each person calls themselves. I have coloured American friends who refer to each other using the N word, I was horrified when I first heard them and would never do so myself but for them it’s normal, would you call them N?
      At the moment I’m identifying as purple so please use that.
      As far as referring to grooming gangs you claim I’m being racist because there are more purple sex offenders, you are right there are. News flash for you that is because purple people in Britain. 2nd news flash for Asian sex offenders are massively over represented compared to population, I believe the figure is by about 4400%, that’s a bit of a figure isn’t it.
      I’ve decided I’m no longer purple, I’m now magnolia.
      Oh and despite the media’s continual use of the term Asian to describe these grooming gangs I know many Asians who hate this and find it totally racist. People from China, Japan, India and most other asian countries want them to be correctly labelled. Unfortunately over sensitivity is preventing this in case that particular group become offended, never mind everybody else being offended so long as this group aren’t offended.
      Next point


  13. Tim, I may argue to get a point across, but my comments have mostly been intelligent, you’ve now descended into sarcasm, purple and magnolia … oh dear. And you really need an education on some things. You, and the people you say you know, are unhappy about people from the Indian sub continent being described as Asian??? You say you used to be in the military, didn’t they teach you any geography? Or didn’t you learn any at school? Asia is the whole of the land mass east of the Ural Mountains, and east of Greece; it includes Western Siberia and Turkey, which are geographically West Asia, all the middle eastern countries, including Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and Saudi Arabia, all the countries east of the Arabian peninsula, e,g, Iran, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, which are all geographically South Asia, as well as Eastern Siberia, China, Korea Japan and Vietnam, etc. which are all geographically East or South East Asia. I give up.


    1. I used sarcasm to try to get it through to you that if a person is free to self describe what they are and can claim to be “offended” if you get it wrong then you will never be able to keep up and will always be offending them. For this reason most people really can’t be bothered and just like me they try not to offend but aren’t that bothered if we do as it’s almost inevitable if someone is so easily offended. Purple or magnolia people on the other hand don’t really care if you call them white when clearly they aren’t and never have been, so long as your not deliberately trying to offend or trying to use it as an accuse to attack us on some pretext that our ancestor from 2 millennia ago are your pet.
      As you rightly said all those countries are asian and although my friends are happy to be called asian (because that is what they are and where their roots are) they are not happy that a small sub-group who grab all the headlines for all the wrong reasons are also called asian (even though they are) when they can be more accurately named but aren’t as this same group delights in calling people racist when they are singled out even though they are almost exclusively responsible for grooming gangs that prey on vulnerable young girls. My friends are fed up with being tarred with the same brush when clearly they are very different.


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