There’s a slight problem with the sweating.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING smacks of privilege more than going on television to defend yourself against allegations of having sex with underage girls at drug-fuelled sex-parties hosted by a convicted sex-trafficker and saying this… Ladies and gentlemen, possibly the greatest 57 seconds of television ever recorded.#Newsnight #PrinceAndrew#NonceUponATime — Dr Beep Bloop Broop (@DrJamesMasonry) November […]

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Welcome to the UK(KK)

While the utter shitshow that is Brexit continued into late March 2019, malfunctioning replicant PM, Theresa May, fresh out of fucks to give about the whole thing, sequestered herself and a group of 13 MPs away at her Chequers country retreat, to discuss support for Meaningful Vote III: Tokyo Drift. A day or so later, […]

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