Never read the comments!

In early 2019, David Lammy MP (who I have to say is quickly becoming a bit of a legend) posted this on Twitter. The article in The Guardian refers to a campaign (@56blackmen) aimed at changing perceptions of black men in hoodies. Man alive, I wish I hadn’t read the comments. Of course, there’s nothing […]

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On the smugness of White Supremacy: Pt 1

So here’s a thing that happened and I have some things to say A familiar scene. Young white men act despicably, showing unfathomable racism, disrespect, perceived supremacy, entitlement, sex-pest tendencies, and all round assholery, and the response is as predictable as the MAGA hats topping their high-and-tight, Hitler youth, rent-a-prick haircuts.   Of course they’re […]

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